Top 8 Crowdfunding Projects of Oct 31, 2017

These are the top ranked and most loved projects of Oct 31, 2017. Each day, dozens of new crowdfunding projects are launched which makes it hard to find the best ones. Our crowdfunding community votes for the projects they like and the top are listed here!

#1. mVoice G2: World's First "Watch" with Voice & Full Display

  • Category: Wearables
  • Raised $336976 of $30000
  • Location: Irvine, CA
  • Backers: 2034

Martian, a smartwatch with analog hands & time markers Initiate Calls & Commands, access Siri, Google & Alexa. Smart Movement & Crown.

mVoice G2: World's First

#2. Folklore: The Affliction (2nd Printing)

  • Category: Tabletop Games
  • Raised $552799 of $30000
  • Location: Marlborough, MA
  • Backers: 4508

A cooperative/solo adventure board game of mystery, fear, and dark fantasy.

Folklore: The Affliction (2nd Printing)


  • Category: Webseries
  • Raised $312472 of $300000
  • Location: Mexico, Mexico
  • Backers: 217

2a temporada de la serie web LGBT, que muestra las aventuras amoroso-sexuales de Aarón en la Ciudad de México.


#4. Monster Slaughter by Ankama Board Games

  • Category: Tabletop Games
  • Raised $399669 of $75000
  • Location: France, France
  • Backers: 5484

As the head of a family of monsters, hunt down and slay insufferable college kids holed up in a cabin in the woods!

Monster Slaughter by Ankama Board Games

#5. Sumi Playing Cards

  • Category: Playing Cards
  • Raised $234341 of $35000
  • Location: Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  • Backers: 612

Designed in Japan. A homage to Wabori, the traditional Japanese tattoo art form. Transforming this art form into playing card style.

Sumi Playing Cards

#6. From where to wear, go afield with BOLDR Expedition Watch

  • Category: Product Design
  • Raised $229928 of $50000
  • Location: Singapore, Singapore
  • Backers: 395

The BOLDR Expedition Swiss Automatic field watch, a tough companion to navigate your life's adventures and explorations.

From where to wear, go afield with BOLDR Expedition Watch

#7. "Oh Aching Soul" | Nicol Films

  • Category: Shorts
  • Raised $10292 of $10000
  • Location: Grand Canyon Village, AZ
  • Backers: 118

Gospel-centric "spoken word" poem we're bringing to life with vivid imagery, engaging plot, a dynamic talking head and stellar music.

#8. indigo & iris: levitate mascara

  • Category: Fashion
  • Raised $127945 of $75000
  • Location: Wellington, NZ
  • Backers: 2210

stunning mascara. ending avoidable blindness. join us.

indigo & iris: levitate mascara


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