Top 4 Crowdfunding Projects of Jul 09, 2018

These are the top ranked and most loved projects of Jul 09, 2018. Each day, dozens of new crowdfunding projects are launched which makes it hard to find the best ones. Our crowdfunding community votes for the projects they like and the top are listed here!

#1. Nunami

  • Category: Tabletop Games
  • Raised $16457 of $70000
  • Location: Ivujivik, Canada
  • Backers: 336

A dynamic terrain management game in which nature and occupants seek to have greater influence with respect to others. An Inuit game.


#2. Laura Slater x The Plant Room at London Design Festival

  • Category: Design
  • Raised $1465 of $3000
  • Location: London, UK
  • Backers: 53

LAND - An immersive textile and botanical exhibition space inspired by the power of landscape and nature.

Laura Slater x The Plant Room at London Design Festival

#3. Ruksa's Good Food Jerky

  • Category: Food
  • Raised $31 of $1500
  • Location: London, Canada
  • Backers: 2

Giving Canada (and the world!) Healthier beef jerky than the preservative packed store brands we know.

Ruksa's Good Food Jerky

#4. Original acoustic guitar album

  • Category: Music
  • Raised $31 of $20
  • Location: Durham, NC
  • Backers: 3

original solo acoustic guitar music

Original acoustic guitar album


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