Top 3 Crowdfunding Projects of Dec 06, 2018

These are the top ranked and most loved projects of Dec 06, 2018. Each day, dozens of new crowdfunding projects are launched which makes it hard to find the best ones. Our crowdfunding community votes for the projects they like and the top are listed here!

#1. Saxmonica Pocket Saxophone

  • Category: Technology
  • Raised $178019 of $8300
  • Location: Auckland, New Zealand
  • Backers: 647

Saxmonica pocket sax. Plays like a sax, sounds like a sax. Download the App and check it out.

Saxmonica Pocket Saxophone

#2. Carbon Fiber Composite performance,modular,Rx sunglasses

  • Category: Product Design
  • Raised $36766 of $45000
  • Location: Singapore, Singapore
  • Backers: 301

Rx prescription friendly, interchangeable & modular eyewear made from carbon fiber composites. Performance eyewear built to last.

Carbon Fiber Composite performance,modular,Rx sunglasses

#3. Brøg: Københavns første litteraturbar

  • Category: Art
  • Raised $45051 of $232000
  • Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Backers: 118

Vær med til at åbne Brøg Litteraturbar i København - hvor vi samler events, vin, mad og bøger under samme tag!

Brøg: Københavns første litteraturbar


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